Abner Dumoff
Abner Dumoff/Abby Digital has worked in video production, post-production, graphic design, publishing, programming, and animation. Abby loves to produce images and animation using 3D modeling software, as well as the development of websites using Wordpress and the Oxygen site builder plugin.
In 2005, Abner was adopted by a rescue shih tzu named Mr. Teeth. They shared ten terrific years.
Polaroid photo created with the Fairlight Computer Video Instrument (CVI).
Cyclone test ride
A complete ride on the virtual Cyclone, from start to finish.
Camel Spectacular
A recreation of one of the most popular Times Square billboards of all time.
Save the Robot
First test of creating an animated short on a Macintosh. Song is H. by Tool from the album Ænima.